Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chicks, Bunnies and everything spring =]

From the other tutorial post i said that there was going to be a spring themed post...
well here is it =]

it was thanks to my bff for lending me her hands cuz i just recently painting by

bunnies and chickies and flowers just SCREAM spring, wouldn't you agree...?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Swatches and Reviews....

there are a lot of different products used in the Purple Punk Plaid Tutorial

this is the first time i'm gonna say kinda excited...
all the products reviewed are my own and i am not endorsed by any of these companies...

two of my all time favorites from this particular tutorial are...
Perfect Formula's Pink Gel Coat and Sephora by OPI Hell to the No (Glee Collection)

Purple Punk Plaid - Tutorial

hello everyone =]
i got super anxious and redid my nails with the purple theme =]  i just LOVE purple...and pandas....
but thats something thats going to be saved for another day  ;-)

this is another inspiration that i got from MimiMemeko

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hello everyone =]

hello =]
as my very first post....
i really want to thank Leanne, all those tutorials made me wanna do my own too and get in touch with my creative side =]

my best friend for telling me..."you should just start writing a blog"

the name if the blog is called wuliao...which is chinese for random, so expect to see more than just nails on this blog =]

and im just going to do a pic drop and the tutorials will follow soon =]

these nails were inspired by MimiMemeko

the kitty was inspired by Kawaii Nail Art who did a guest post on Do Not Refreeze

and i LOVE pandas, so i just had to =]

if you like what you see =]  stay tuned for more =]