Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Incoco Nail Polish Appliques

hello everyone =]

i hope you all are doing well and for the students out there, GOOD LUCK on EXAMS!!!
and lucky ducky to those who are done with school....

well i was rummaging through my room cleaning out my Birchbox boxes and found my sample of Incoco
so i decided to give it a try =]

the purple color that i used is a satin polish from Illamasqua

it was super easy to use and so much like real polish....
so cool and great for people on the go =]

should be able to find it in your local mall kiosk,

have fun =]

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Contest Prizes!!!!

As you all know, I just put up a post about a Christmas Nail Art Contest
but I forgot to put up the images of the prize....

so here they are...
Prize 1:  Nails Inc Special Effects in Sloane Square
Sephora Nail patch art in Cute Dots

Prize 2:  Deborah Lippmann in Yellow Brick Road
Sephora Nail patch art in French Dentelle

these are the two prizes up for grabs
good luck on the Christmas Contest =]

Saturday, December 3, 2011


hey girls =]

sorry for the lack of posting this past month....
school and work has been a little hecktic.....

but to get into the spirit of christmas...

this contest will run as follows...

1.  any sort of holiday design =]
2.  no stensils or nail art decals....
3.  your follower name and contact email
4.  ONE ENTRY per person please =]

please include the description in the email with your contact info
and email all submissions to me at pandas_r_purple@hotmail.com
the last day of this contest is December 30, 2011 Midnight Hawaii Standard Time
i don't have any images of the contest prizes yet...
BUT...it will be a prize from Tokidoki and a prize from Hello Kitty and some other things from Sephora =]
i will put up a picture as soon as i get it....teehee....

here is my holiday design...i sort of did 2 variations of the same design...

the french tips started chipping...so i redid the tips to look like the photos below.... 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

New extension blog...

Hey everyone...

I know that i've been talking a little more about random stuff that has nothing to do with nails on my blog lately so i've decided to open a new blog here called wuliao ramblings...
this is another play on words again really, since wuliao means random, so this title means random ramblings...
so stay tuned for a posting soon...
about food, emotions, random sightings, and just about anything else that probably doesn't have anything else to do with nails =]


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Inspired nails decals - Comic Book Retro

hello everyone =]

I'm sure you all know about Jasmere and there awesome deals,
well recently they had a deal for Inspired Nails 
and i JUST got my package in yesterday =]

so on Inspired Nails, they don't just sell decals,
but they have this decal called fusion decals...
a lot like those nail decals that we see from Sally Hansen and Sephora...
but these are applied differently, because you actually put it on polished nails =]
because that was the lighter color that you put underneath will help to enhance the color of the decal itself...
and to my suprise, they are very stretchy when you work with them...
just follow the instructions provided and its super easy, just takes a little time =]

they also sell false nails as well =]
so for those who like to stick your nail art on and swap it up every couple of days,
do check out this site =]

so i ordered a few using my Jasmere deal coupon code...
got some vampy designs and some cool lacy corset ones...
and for my comic loving side, some retro comic book action bubbles!!

these are the decals that i decided to try out first =]

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Comfort Food in Hawaii =] Let Them Eat Cupcakes

hey everyone,

i know i haven't been as active lately...but i will blog about nails starting next week...
but in the meantime...i wanted to talk to everyone about comfort food...
specifically speaking sweets =]

today i finally had the opportunity to visit this little cupcakery called...

Let Them Eat Cupcakes
it was their logo that captivated me =]
and heres a little about them from their site Let Them Eat Cupcakes 

Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm not dead....

sorry i was gone for so long ladies...i just was so busy with school, work, and an internship...
plus relationships that have fallen into the hole...my final assessment on men:  they aren't always awesome...

anywho i decided to upload some of my nail pictures from these past couple of months...

this is the first mani that i got in china...i figured that since i was gonna be in china i might as well go all out...
so i went with a calgel-like mani, with a design from this nailart book...
which i later bought 2 when i was waiting for my connecting flight in Japan... 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Contest Winner!!!!

hello ladies!!!!!!

the contest is over and the winner of this wonderful Deborah Lippmann polish is Kavitha
her favorite Deborah Lippmann polish is Across the Universe...

the polish that she has won is Lara's Theme =]

i've already contacted the winner =]
she's been given 48 hours to reply, if not then a new winner will be selected...

more info about my china trip will be coming soon....lol
and a new contest will be coming soon as well =]

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

i'm back!!!!!

hey ladies....
i finally came back from china...
and im pooped...i'll be making a decent post soon....

and just as a reminder to all =]
the last day to enter the lippmann polish contest is this week friday august 5th =]

ill be making the post for the winner on the 6th =]

and for the follower that has contacted me about your form,
sorry for the late reply but you're set =]  your form went thru =]

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekly Nail Blog Round Up 14

i totally forgot....
here is the week 14 update =]
remember to submit your entry for my contest for a Deborah Lippmann polish  =]

Grace tried out Primark nail wraps 
The Nail Addict showed us how to do water marbling
Ladyluck created a spooky manicure 
Sharon reviewed Zoya Danni 
Claire showed us how Axxium and tips work for gorgeous bridal nails 
Jen swam with the dolphins
Nicole felt patriotic using sparitual
Sarah created a fabric effect using Fauxnads 
Lingling is having a Deborah Lippman giveaway!
Stacie flashed her holiday nails

twitter for #FF: @kawaiinailart, @toptwentynails, @EmilysNailFiles, @pamperedbygrace, @moondancerjen, @nicnacksnails; @beautybytheresa, @SeptemberLena

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Contest and New Deborah Lippmann Shades

Hello girls =]

i wanted to do a little update and an FYI

I'll be gone to China for about a month and probably won't have internet available to me for that month so I'll be doing massive posts when i come back (i promise to take pictures of the food BEFORE i eat them...)

but while I'm gone, I would like to run my FIRST google docs contest =]

and the prize is...one of the summer colors from Deborah Lippmann!!!!!
and that summer color is...

LARA'S THEME - new for Summer - as seen in May Vogue
created with supermodel Lara Stone.
double Dutch orange

what better way to end the summer than with a summer color from Deborah Lippmann =]
this contest ends on AUGUST 5, 2011
and now heres an update of the Fall Colors in the Lippmann Collection =]

Sunday, June 26, 2011

LingLing has returned home!!!!

i have finally returned home =]
i have never appreciated living in Hawaii more than i do now that i've been to a "warm" place like San Fran...
aside from my new grown appreciation for hawaii, i met a lot of new friends and had an awesome roomie....
it was really a great experience and I am so grateful that it was me that they sent...
to all my Sephora girls reading my blog =]

i just have a few pictures to share...not too many, i really didnt have enough patience to snap a photo...lol

this is the mani that i sported in S.F.
thanks to the girls who participated in the contest =]
i merged the 2 winning designs together and got an awesome result
i also threw in a little of my own personality...
Deborah Lippmann's Across the Universe was just the awesomest representation of Hawaiian waters...
it was used to accent all the nails =]

i was also fortunate enough to get some Butter London polishes in S.F.
Nordstrom started carrying the polish =]
I was so excited =]
below is a swatch of Artful Dodger
which is the main color of my mani right now... 

i also got Marrow and Branwen's Feather
(Branwen's Feather was a gift from Ari, Thank you!!!) 

and to accent my plain mani, I put Dior Rock Coat on the ring finger...
remember to wait till the nail is totally dry or else it streaks...
(i didnt wait....boo...)

then i put a matte finish using Deborah Lippmann's Flat Top
I LOVE that polish =]

I will me going on hiatus again soon...hopefully i'll be able to post from china...
but if i can't ill be home again in August =]

over and out ladies =]

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekly Nail Blog Round Up 12

hey girls, sorry for the late update...
everything was just starting to get a little overwhelming...
about my S.F. mani, i'll be posting it when i come back from S.F......
i wont have my computer with me...but i will have my droid...lol

see you girls in a week and heres the Weekly Blog Round-up

Grace was inspired by Cosmo to create this cute summer manicure
Ladyluck had fun with her French manicure
Sharon created a holographic leopard design
The Nail Addict tested and reviewed P2 crackle
Stacie freestyled with black, blue and holographic polishes
Claire was inspired by her Swatch watch
Sarah stamped a stylized pastel peacock design
Lena watched the trends for summer
Pink Wednesday was rosey for Jen
Ari entered a competition
That’s so fresh stamped on China Glaze yellow polka dot bikini
Lingling announced the winners of her contest

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

idea contest winners!!!!

ok everybody =]

yesterday was the final day to submit for the idea contest for my blog =]
and a big thank you to the entries submitted by GingerG, Ari, Con, and LacquerLover

and the winners are...
GingerG and Ari!!!!

here are they're entries...

So, my first thought of something that encompasses both San Fran and Hawaii has to do with color: both are very colorful, but tastefully so. It makes me think of one of those manicures where each nail is a different color - I'd go with saturated spring colors, and a little accent on each ring finger. For me, I'd use a lagoon blue, medium pink, sunny yellow, juicy orange and a bright grass green.

I'd probably use the yellow on my ring fingers, to make the art really pop. One the ring fingers, I'm imagining a butterfly or two, maybe with a little sparkle.

I have no idea what would represent Sephora, but color and happiness are things that come to mind both for San Fran and Hawaii, to me.
http://daily-nail.blogspot.com/2011/06/surfs-up-dude.html has this really cute hawaii mani with a hibiscus flower, skip the strips

then on the other fingers, make a surf board with the sephora logo on it 

even though I spent a month in san fran, I don't have a good idea to represent it but try the golden gate and have surfers on the water... might be a little difficult with the detailing


I think you stick to it being about Hawaii, have to stand out you know. 
I like both of the ideas in these two entries =]
and i also love LacquerLover's entry as well...but it pertained more to a city other than San Fran...lol...
ill post up my mani as soon as i complete it =]
thank you everyone!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Weekly Nail Blog Round Up 11

heres week 11 girls =]
remember to put in your entry for my Idea Contest
and the winners for the Franken Contest

Sarah created a psychedelic design using konad plate 

Jen created a pretty design using China Glaze for Audrey

Grace showed us how to tie dye

Claire tested out OPI's Glam Slam! Spark de Triomphe & White Shatter

Stacie was inspired by Cath Kidston Strawberry Oilcloth

Ladyluck tried her hand at Cherry Blossoms 

The Nail Addict created a summer manicure 

Ari created a wedding manicure

(twitter for #FF: @kawaiinailart, @toptwentynails, @EmilysNailFiles, @pamperedbygrace, @moondancerjen, @nicnacksnails; @beautybytheresa

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Franken Contest Winners!!!!

okay =]
i really didn't get many entries in...sad...
but the entries i did get in, i loved =]

so i just delegated the prizes according to the preferences =]

prize 2 goes to...moondancerjen
her theme was shooting stars and her franken is called Starry Night...

prize 3 goes to...ari
her theme was Erio from Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko...

prize 1 goes to....Leslie
her theme was inspired by Kesha's album and her franken is called "Ke$ha's Got a New Beetle"...

ill be mailing out your prizes as soon as i can, most likely this weekend  =]
thank you for entering =]

if you missed out on that contest, i'm also running a short idea contest too
for an awesome mani that includes some skincare prizes =]
click here to go and check it out

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Idea Contest

ok, so my franken contest ends today, i'll be posting the photos tomorrow for everyone to see =]
but i'm crunch for a new design to wow my collegues....

ok so heres the situation...
i'll be going to San Fran (the second place on the mainland i will be visiting in my life) for Sephora related duties...and i am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

BUT i need a mani that will represent San Fran and Hawaii and somewhat Sephora...
or just an awesome design in general  =]
so i'm asking you girls for a little assistance on ideas =]

this contest will run as follows...

1.  the design suggest in as great detail as possible =]
2.  whether you have an oily complexion (combo-oily) or dry complexion (dry-normal)...
3.  your follower name and contact email
4.  ONE ENTRY per person please =]

please include the description in the email with your contact info
and email all submissions to me at pandas_r_purple@hotmail.com
the last day of this contest is June 14, 2011 Midnight Hawaii Standard Time

essentially i will be picking the best 2 (one from the oily complexion and one for dry complexion)
because the prizes are...

for Dry Complexion...
this is from the Dr. Perricone line for anti-aging
but anyone who's looking for an extra nourishment can use this product too
i also paired it off with a little bar soap from Caudalie

for Oily Complexion...
this is also from the Dr. Perricone line but from the Super Collection
a basic hydrating moisterizer for oily skin that doesn't leave you feeling like an oil slick
which i also paired off with a little bar soap from Caudalie

these products are deluxe sizes that the reps give to us when there are new products to try...
they are unused but not in boxes because they aren't the size of the products we sell in store...
but they are great trial and travel sizes if you were curious about the products

and going forward, please feel free to let me know if you have any questions regarding the skincare products that we sell in Sephora, and I will answer you to the best of my abilities =]

ok, so lets get this contest started =]

Monday, June 6, 2011

hello hello =]

hey girls,
don't mean to be M.I.A.....
i haven't had a new mani yet...
but just super bothered by my recent events...
i'm just gonna spill my feelings out on the world wide web =]

recently my sister graduated high school and we just had her grad party...
asian families don't do parties well...not my family at least....
this relative was complaining about that one and vice versa....
which is why we only have 1 party a year =]

my ex came along...and btw...he can't sing for the life of him...tone deaf fool
and i got my drink on while trying to drown his voice with The Devil Wears Prada...
good thing is my bff Ari and my friend Kyle was here to help lessen the blow...

which brings me to my next issue...
i like someone...who may or may not like me...who may or may not be reading my blog....
who may or may not stop talking to me all together....
he's wonderful, intelligent, handi....and i like him a lot....

what the hell do i do now......
can someone help me out....

btw, i just got Deborah Lippmann's Across the Universe from the Lippmann Collection PR =]
i'll try and find some time to do a swatch  >.<

and the contest is ending soon  >.<  tomorrow is the last day  >.<
good luck girls =]

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sephora Blasted and Deborah Lippmann mani...

hey everyone =]

i finally mustered up a little time to use the polishes that i bought when i went to meet Deborah Lippmann...
the polishes that i bought that day were:  Makin' Whoopee, Diamonds and Pearls, Flat Top (matte top coat), Sephora Blasted Gold and Silver...

here are the swatches for the lippmann polishes below =]

Makin' Whoopee swatch in natural light and indoors 

Saturday, May 28, 2011


oh em gee!!!!

today i met Deborah Lippmann at the event at Nordstrom
i shook her hand and took a picture with her  >.<

Friday, May 27, 2011

Weekly Nail Blog Round Up 9

hey girls!!!!
ok, i'm gonna have the most epic post this saturday =]  which is tomorrow!!!!
i'm going to meet DEBORAH LIPPMANN at an event at Nordstrom  >.<
i did the most cutest mani and everything  >.<
i'm gonna try and get a photo with her  >.<
wish me luck!!!!
and i'll show everyone Sephora by OPI's new blasted  =]
with gold being exclusive to Sephora =]

so here's this weeks blog round up =]

Stacie was inspired by Prada S/S 2011
Lena is having a clear out – fancy grabbing a bargain?
The Nail Addict created this juicy water marble design
Sharon had fun with smashing her rainbow
Grace was inspired by Lagerfeld to create this design
Nic was absolutely besotted with Absolutely Alice
Jen let her sunny disposition show with her new Zoya
Theresa explains exactly what Shellac and Gelish semi-permanent polishes are
Ling Ling tried a cool tie-dye manicure
Avast me hearties! Claire tried out OPI pirates’ collection and the wicked silver shatter
Ari use pastels for a cute nail art manicure 

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

yay!!!!! i am 22 years old today!!!!!

hello everyone!!!!
i know its been a while since my last post  >.<
i lot of super hectic days....

on May 25th was my birthday =]
and i got a total of 3 bday songs today =]  yay!!!!

1 at 10AM in the morning after some Philosophy training on some new goods
(which btw theres something i REALLY need to share about it for nail care  >.<)
2 at CPK during lunch with my friends from work =]  i love you girls >.<
and finally....
3 at Shokudo with my BFFs which included....

....a couple of drinks....lol
soju one carafe infused with yuzu and another carafe that was infused with yogurt

and some of the gifties that i got from my friends
some folders for classes, 2 beading kits, and a panda =]

some gifts that i got for myself...
top and shorts from Forever 21 and
a Deborah Lippmann called Dream a Little Dream of me

i will totally post up the beading kit's finished product in about a week or so....

now its kinda late...lol...
and im kinda sleepy....lol....

nite everyone!!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekly Nail Blog Round Up 8

woah...we have been running the round up for 8 weeks...thats like 2 months...
i remember like it was yesterday when i first asked Stacie if i could join the blog roll...
heres the blog round up and don't forget to submit you're entry for my franken nail art contest =]
the deadline is June 7th =]

Claire’s tutorial shows the simple way to do a half moon manicure
Nic celebrated finishing the school year with some swatches
Sharon showed us her adventures in drag marbling
Ladyluck took a break from her nails this week and created an eye look
Theresa's nails were a gellish fade with a 3D effect

And finally introducing Erin to the blog world http://sugarstar.host-ed.net/blog/
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

new haul and tie-die haulter top mani...

hello everyone...sorry for the multiple posts...
that was the morning lazy me...and now this is the rainy day me...
cuz its raining and shopping in the rain is no fun...

so on my outing with Ari, we bought a butt-load of nail polishes  >.<
and i got some of my shipments in too =]

a lot of polishes...
3 Deborah Lippmann, 2 China Glaze,
5 Nubar (3 of which are holo, score!!),
 3 Skin Food (Korean Skincare line, i wanted to try their base coat so i bought 2),
1 Orly, 2 CND Special FX, and a Koko Collection polish

rne again...

lol  >.<
idk if RNE is such a good name anymore...sounds kinda weird...

but anyways...i promise i'll get a tutorial out soon  >.<
lol...got a little lazy and went polish happy with a new haul...which i will get around to showing  >.<

but anyways...yesterday morning on the way to the doctors i passed by a little salon that advertised spa pedi for $20 bucks...this was in Chinatown...lol, but i went in anyways =]

its a fade done with CG idk holo (i couldn't believe my eyes when i found it on the shelf)
the total came out to $30 tip included...but it was a good job  =]
japanese have electronics...
vietnamese have their nail salons...lol!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

RNE again...

i'm so EXCITED that school is finally over...for this semester, and my summer has started =]
that means i can dedicate myself to my blog, job, friends, booze, and last but certainly not least preparing for my trip =]

YAY CHINA!!!!!!!!!

to celebrate i painted my nails =]
i was so excited i forgot to put up a tutorial...but its ok =]

i hope you ladies are having a great day =]
lingling over and out =]

Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekly Nail Blog Round Up 7

7th week =] and we're seriously getting more and more links!!!!
congrats to Ari also for starting up her own blog!!!
i also hope you guys are doing fantabulous on your contest entries for my first contest ever =]

The Nail Addict created a gorgeous water marble design
Jen celebrated pink Wednesday in style
Emily must be looking forward to carnival
Grace went wild
Theresa reversed the French in black and silver
Stacie painted her nails to match her dotty 50’s dress
Claire used Fimo clay flowers
Sharon is having a great giveaway
Lady Luck wore her hearts on her nails
AJ used her BM plates to create a cool herringbone pattern
Shella was inspired by a Japanese nail art design
LingLing is having a great competition
And finally introducing Ari she is new to blogging 
If you would like to be involved in future round ups contact Stacie at http://kawaiinailart.blogspot.com
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

you mauve me - franken polish

heres the franken that i used for the contest example =]
it seriously is a great way to use your old polishes  >.<

in this one i used...
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Petite Pink (i bought this for my senior prom...) (half bottle)
NYX Girls Purple Noir (10 drops)
Eyeko Punk Polish (5 drops)
OPI DS Original (15 drops)
a scoop from a mixture of Make Up Forever Star Powder (954, 944, 942)...

it looked like a mauve to me...
so i named it "You Mauve Me"

Sunday, May 8, 2011

First Contest Ever!!!!!

yay!!!!!  celebatory drink!!!!  *gulp*
thank you for all of your support and what better way to thank you than to offer up prizes =]
okay so the way this contest is gonna work...

this is gonna be a "Franken Nail Art Contest"
which means that not only do you have to create or use a franken
(you don't have to create it but reference the person who did =])
but it has to be the base color of your nail art submission too
in the submission i would need...

1.  a swatch of your franken (name of the franken and the theme)
2.  an image of the nail art design that uses the franken and matches the theme of the franken...
(the design can utilize nail polish and acrylic paint for freehand designs ONLY, no stickers or gems or stamps, its a showcase of your artistic talents)
3.  the prize that you would like to get (pick 2 just in case and number the one that you would like most)
4.  your follower name and contact email
5.  a little description of your nail art design and inspiration
6.  ONE ENTRY per person please =]
7.  PLEASE do not post it on your blog until after my post at the end of the contest

the winners of course won't be up to me but up to the followers of this blog =]

please include the images and the description in the email with your contact info
and email all submissions to me at pandas_r_purple@hotmail.com
the last day of this contest is June 7, 2011 Midnight Hawaii Standard Time

to illustrate, i actually have a sample submission done by me =]

i call it "You Mauve Me"
after Blaine's confession to Kurt in glee
i included a video from the episode of that confession =]

this is the nailart that i did with a glee theme >.<
music notes...and Gleek Out...and the more i think about it
the more i shoulda put canarys on there... 

and here are the prizes...