Saturday, April 30, 2011

first franken polish =]

ok, so i got a text about a link posted on my fb by my nail fanatic bff

so i go take a look, and i fell in LOVE!!!!

i now know what the heck to do with those colors that i'm sick of...

so for the longest time i needed a green polish...
so now i have a green polish =]

Friday, April 29, 2011

easily sophisticated...

ok...i know what you all are thinking...
the hell is this girl still doing!!!!

school projects got me up and working hard...
and i created this =]  a slightly sophisticated look =]

Weekly Nail Blog Round Up 5

Hey everyone =]
there is only 2 more followers needed for me to start the giveaway  >.<


and heres this weeks blog round up =]

Stacie went Rockabilly over at Kawaii Nail Art
The Nail Addict created some beautiful butterfly nails which look like damask silk
Claire at Top Twenty Nails road tested some CDN Shellac
Sharon mixed 2 blues to create a gorgeous effect
Linda was inspired by tokidoki and Sanrio
Emily decorated her nails perfectly for Easter
Grace showed her patriotic side with these cool Britannia nails
Gradient or Holo? Jen went for both
Lena stamped with bundle monster on EssieBermuda shorts 

If you would like to be involved in future round ups contact Stacie at

 Twitter for follow Friday : #FF @kawaiinailart, @toptwentynails, @EmilysNailFiles, @pamperedbygrace, @moondancerjen

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Once Bitten: Friday Tryday: A Giveaway!!! Win The Entire bigRub...

giveaway yo!!!!
nail tattoos!!!!

Once Bitten: Friday Tryday: A Giveaway!!! Win The Entire bigRub...: "This Friday Tryday is exciting for me and it should be for you too ~ I am hosting my very first Giveaway!! This giveaway is courtesy of bi..."

and to see more designs or tips and tricks to put the tats on visit bigRuby
its time to show our rebellious side with nail tattoos!!!!

heres a little about them....

Who we are...

bigRuby is a clever little company that designs supercool nail tattoos.  We are a small but amazing team that plan to take the nail art world by storm.  We give you a simple way to take an average mani or pedi and turn it into something unique, creative and fun.  What's best is our tattoos can be worn as subtle or eccentric as you like.

Beauty with a conscience...

It was important to me that this business have a bigger purpose and meaning.  I decided from day one that not only would we be a cruelty-free company but that as I succeed, the things that are important to me would benefit as well.
bigRuby thinks our four-legged friends are not put on this earth to be poked and prodded for the vanity of the two-legged sort.  We pledge to always do our best to bring you products produced without the use of unnecessary animal testing.
When you buy a bigRuby product, a portion of the proceeds will go to The Kindness Ranch (a sanctuary for research animals) as well as other animal rescues.  bigRuby supports their heroic efforts in protecting those with no voice.
Please note: with every bigRuby purchase, you will receive complimentary good karma... just for caring.

and guess what girls, this is gonna be apart of the giveaway too...only 6 more followers to go >.<

tokidoki for sanrio

lastnite i came home AND low and behold!!!!!
my eyeko nail polishes came in  >.<

these are the polishes that i ordered from Eyeko 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

nail haul swatches

one great thing about having a best friend who likes everything you have a hell lot in common, and there is never any dead silence about anything  >.<
the down never stop each other from over!!!!!

heres today's nail haul =]

i ordered these the other day, China Glaze colors from the Tronica Collection...PURPLE HOLOS!!!!!

Virtual Violet and Gamer Glam
(please ignore the

NYX Girls from left to right
Robotic, Purple Noir, Sexy Plum, Smoldering, Charcoal Pearl

another image to try to capture the colors...
(lol, my bracelet makes an entrance...i LOVE stone bracelets...
if you were interested about those too, we can chat =]
i like to play doctor and create stone bracelets for my friends and family
i also sell them on Etsy but i like to custom them because thats more personal)

here are the colors that only used 2 coats, i LOVE the vampy feel of the colors...

this color took 3 coats...but it kinda looks like Deborah Lippmann's Don't Tell Mama...
just a little more on the blue side than jade, as you shift you can see the different shades...


Friday, April 22, 2011


heres another random nail expedition =]

my co-worker was so kind as to lend a hand and we did an easter themed nail design for her today =]
we were trying to schedule this for so long but our schedules never matched  >.<
and she offered to cook for me  >.<  YAY!!!  OKONOMIYAKI!!!!!!!

lol so heres her design...

yay!!!!  a snoopy easter!!!!!

Weekly Nail Blog Round Up 4

guess what everyone  >.<
i just made 1 month  >.<
YAY!!!!!  (pops fire crackers)

lol and heres this weeks blog round up =]

Claire gave us a right royal review
Grace has gone psychedelic with her 60's inspired nail design
Dawn showed us how to have some fun
Nicole funked up her French
Emily had a diet coke break
Linda was inspired by Despicable Me 
If you would like to be involved in future round ups contact Stacie at

yay week 4!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

despicable easter art

hello my peoples =]
hope everyone is doing great =]
as you all know, easter is actually this weekend...
and in celebration of that...i played a song from Despicable Me...LOL!!!

it was more from the constant nagging from my co-worker that i should create a design that tied into this i did =] and its kinda related to easter too...

a minion!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

random nail expedition...

i think this may be a first of many...RNE (Random Nail Expedition)
today is my mama's bday, YAY MAMA!!!!
and so we had some family over and i bombarded the girls with nail polish changes...
so we did a pedi-art and a mani-art

it also provided me a chance to show how awesome my camera is...yay!!!

i borrowed katy perry's nail design for this one
yellow polish with cherries, and she also requested her name to be written =]

on each hand i blinged out one set of cherries with red rhinestones

we didnt really know what to we went with a coral pink base
i used the pink crackle glaze for the tips..
and some rubber nail art decals

close up on the decals, i think we can kinda see the differentiation...
i kinda just went on a
but it turned out great =]

i still need to think about what i want to do for easter...
it'll prolly be up on thursday =]

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


remember ladies...once upon a time i said that i was gonna get a new camera...
well i did...AND IT JUST CAME IN TODAY!!!!!! YAY!!!!!
and an awesome goodie for the giveaway you're just gonna have to read on to find out...

its a Sony Cybershot H70 =] 
16.1 megapixels of sheer awesomeness...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

LOL!! i just couldn't help it...

well...while i was watching a rerun of Glee and basking in the beauty that is Blaine...
i couldn't but notice how bare my nails were...well...there was design and it was simple...
it was just...missing i busted out my OPI Shatter in black and DS Original and did this...

i went a little heavy on the pointer so its hiding the crackle...
but the others are fine..
now looking at this...MUCH BETTER =]
and to think i went 4 days without any polish on...
what was i thinking  >.<

Saturday, April 16, 2011

super lazy weekend...

hey everybody =]
lastnite i finally finished my entry for the Disney Nail Art Contest
and i'll put up a tutorial for it when the contest itself is over =]
but i was thinking...well i have one hand disney-fied i need to make the other hand look like that as well so i did a lazy version of a disney look =]

Weekly Nail Blog Round Up 3

yay for week 3!!!!!
and saying that...i think i'm nearing my one month blog birthday...this new baby has been on the web for a little over 3 weeks...and everyone has been so supportive...THANK YOU EVERYONE SO MUCH!!!!
thank you my 34 followers...without you...there will be no LingLing....and that means there will have been no nail blog...thank you...

and now for the nail blog round up =]

Grace is staying on trend rocking the colour block 

TheNailAddict used China Glaze for this cute spring manicure

Here is LingLing's classy twist on an old favourite

Stacie went wild and got a tumblr account and posted a Kate Middleton Engagement Ring inspired manicure!

Sharon was feeling beautiful in blue

Trisha broke a heart or 2

Jen played with her new bundle monster plates to make this Spring dream manicure

Check out Claire’s paw print French tutorial

enjoy the round up my awesome readers =] if you have a nail blog and like to be a part of our round up, visit here

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NARS Pokerface Swatch

hey girls =]
im still thinking on my design for the Disney Nail Art Contest entry...

but imma put up a swatch for you guys to take a looksy at =]

NARS Pokerface
goes on super smooth and lasts the full week
(with a base coat of course, i lectured a few of my co-workers about that)
great great color, and it kinda sparkles too
(this image uses 2 coats)

my TOTD (toes of the day, LOL!!!)
i used NARS Purple Rain and some star glitter =]

hopefully i get that submission idea soon...i wanna do something with food in it...
also i need to find me a better camera AND better lighting...
i should probably build a light box too...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Disney Nail Art Contest by Confessions of a Polishaholic

hello!!!!  a nail art contest is now going on =]

here are the rules quoted from her site...

OK, so now the RULES:
  • This contest is open internationally :)
  • You have to be my GFC follower to submit your entry. 
  • You can submit just one manicure.
  • Your manicure must be connected with Disney - characters, movies, logo, whatever...
  • This is Nail Art Contest, so please, don't use ONLY stickers, decals, stamping - I would love to see some freehand art :) Of course, other techniques are allowed, but don't limit yourself to one of them ;)
  • Write a short text about your inspiration, your memories from childhood with Disney's movies, everything you want to tell us about your entry :)
  • Send your entry on
  1. one photo of your nail art (horizontal, please)
  2. your GFC nickname and nationality
  3. your blog URL (if you have ;))
  4. a few sentences about your nail art
  5. maybe some message for me ;)
  • Subject should contain your GFC nick and looks like: Orlica - Nail Art Contest.
  • Post a comment under this post after submiting your entry.
  • Your entry CANNOT be posted anywhere before I publish all entries on my blog - then you will can place your photo wherever you want and ask for votes, but really, not before!
I will wait for your entries until
1st May '11 11:59 p.m. (GMT+01:00)

thank you Confessions of a Polishaholic for this awesome opportunity =]

Friday, April 8, 2011

elegant and classy twist on an old favorite =]

hello everyone =]

i just suddenly decided again to take off the polish that i had on a paint a totally different design on it, i needed to do something i went with a french tip...with my twist to it =]

You nailed it!: 1 Year Blog Birthday - Surprise Deborah Lippmann G...

another giveaway for u!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]

You nailed it!: 1 Year Blog Birthday - Surprise Deborah Lippmann G...: "This month is my 1 Year Anniversary! And I have 700 followers! Wooo! Thank you all so much!I am planning on doing a couple give aways, so t..."

Weekly Nail Blog Round Up 2

yay week 2!!!!

Grace made a great tutorial video on how to use a konad and have these fantastic nails  
Emily watched put a twist on the usual nautical manicure. Watch out for the sharks! 
Stacie went all a flutter
Sharon dragged her way to a perfect manicure  
Jen played with fimo this week and came up with this awesome design 
Nicole is pretty in pink with this Fauxnad design
Dawn kept the doctor away with this fantastic apple design  
Lovin Nails used China Glaze Four Leaf Clover for a gorgeous accent nail manicure  
Claire was rocking with this cool shellac tutorial  

And as a little bonus we love this tutorial by the lovely Leanne at do not refreeze
If you would like to be included in future round ups please visit here

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Varnish Vixen: Yay! Spring Giveaway!

Hey Hey!!!!
Yet another one =]

Varnish Vixen: Yay! Spring Giveaway!: "Hi everyone! Welcome to my Yay! Spring Giveaway! Hahaha. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you ..."

Life and Polish: 100 Follower Giveaway!

Hey everyone!!!
Heres another one =]

Life and Polish: 100 Follower Giveaway!: "The Day has Arrived! I am so happy that 100 people want to follow me, and I am really happy with everyone who filled out my 'get-to-know-you..."

A Polished Life: 150 Followers Giveaway - Deborah Lippmann's "Glitt...

Hey everyone!!!!
Heads up for a giveaway!!!!

A Polished Life: 150 Followers Giveaway - Deborah Lippmann's "Glitt...: "I have to once again apologize for being so quiet lately. I'm impatiently waiting for my brittle ruined nails to grow strong again. It's goi..."

click on the link for your chance to enter this AWESOME giveaway!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

half way to 50 followers =]

herro everyone =]

I'm so super stoked that all of you like my designs  >.<
im super super happy...cuz all of this was a mere pigment of my imagination until the day my friend told me that i should do it...

i want to ask you gals (guys too) what you would like to see as a prize in a blog giveaway,
or if you don't really care, then say you don't care  >.<  theres a poll to the right of the blog =]
i really am super happy that you all are so supportive


image from...devianart

.:Bowing Cotton Candy:.

by *cheshirepanda

Sunday, April 3, 2011

lol...what i did tonite on my day off...

ok, remember when you first read my blog and i told you that wuliao means random in mandarin...
well here comes the random-ness...
note that i started this project in december 2010 and just finally decided to finish it now =]

see this cute little started off as a pile of HORRIBLE beads that refused to assemble itself
so i was forced to do the job for it...ugh...
but its awesome to see how it turned out...and now to rest for another...month or so =]

a new nail tutorial coming soon, some of my co-workers actually gave in to my beggin and pleading to let me borrow their hands for my nail tutorials =]

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Miss80Million Nail Art Contest video entry 2 =]

This is my second entry to Miss80Million's Culture Nail Art Contest
and i broke my promise...i made another video with a not so great camera...
but this is just so important that i had to >.< 

this is the design i did =] and below is the video...
i kno the quality sucks...but its the design that matters =]

Friday, April 1, 2011

Weekly Nail Blog Round Up

I'm participating in a Weekly Nail Blog Round Up, and this is the first week =]
*yay clapps for EVERYONE!!!!*

Emily let her chocoholic tendencies get the better for her with this Cadburys manicure

Julie was inspired by the spring and showed us this beautiful butterfly design

Jen showed us how to use our Konad plates in a more inventive way with this manicure

Stacie was in an angelic mood this week with her angel wing manicure

To celebrate her starting a blog Claire is having an OPI Giveaway

Shella was inspired by furry creatures and this lovely little bear manicure was the result

Linda had fluffy bunnies and baby chicks on her fingers this week

If you would like to be included in future round ups please visit here

(thank you to Stacie of Kawaii Nail Art for setting this up =])

Miss80Million video entry =]

as you all know i have talked about my bff's entry to Miss80Million's Culture Nail Art Contest
so i said i was going to send in my entry too...
and i did =]  here it is =]

this is the design i did =] and below is the video...its not a great video...
but i swear i'll buy a better camera before i make another video...