Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NARS Pokerface Swatch

hey girls =]
im still thinking on my design for the Disney Nail Art Contest entry...

but imma put up a swatch for you guys to take a looksy at =]

NARS Pokerface
goes on super smooth and lasts the full week
(with a base coat of course, i lectured a few of my co-workers about that)
great great color, and it kinda sparkles too
(this image uses 2 coats)

my TOTD (toes of the day, LOL!!!)
i used NARS Purple Rain and some star glitter =]

hopefully i get that submission idea soon...i wanna do something with food in it...
also i need to find me a better camera AND better lighting...
i should probably build a light box too...


  1. cute))

  2. I haven't tried Nars nail polish as I'm still obsessing over Essie right now, haha but I really like that color on your nails. :)

  3. @Stefany thank you =] im still obsessed over polish in general, but if you have the chance to, just go and try it when they have instore testers =], thats what turned me onto it =]