Friday, April 22, 2011


heres another random nail expedition =]

my co-worker was so kind as to lend a hand and we did an easter themed nail design for her today =]
we were trying to schedule this for so long but our schedules never matched  >.<
and she offered to cook for me  >.<  YAY!!!  OKONOMIYAKI!!!!!!!

lol so heres her design...

yay!!!!  a snoopy easter!!!!!

i always forget to ask where she got her moonstone ring from...
so pretty and celtic feel  >.<

we hid some eggs and flowers and woodstock came to visit too...

i kno...i have a horrible slipper tan...
but if you were where i am would prolly have one too ;-]
i just did a simple design for my toes...
its hard to hunch over my knees just to get to my

close up  >.<

hope everyone likes it =]