Thursday, April 21, 2011

despicable easter art

hello my peoples =]
hope everyone is doing great =]
as you all know, easter is actually this weekend...
and in celebration of that...i played a song from Despicable Me...LOL!!!

it was more from the constant nagging from my co-worker that i should create a design that tied into this i did =] and its kinda related to easter too...

a minion!!!!!!

first BC and dotting tools and a nail art brush =]

depending on how often you want the minions to occur,
you can alternate it how often as you want =]
in order S.OPI Slushied, S.OPI Cab Fare, and S.OPI IM Beauty
blue for the blue sky, Cab Fare for the minion, and IM Beauty for the chick

use slushied on Cab Fare as tips to form the overalls that they wear

S.OPI Gleek Out for the grassy plains to the blue sky

Tarina Tarantino Starchild for the glasses rim
ZOYA Raven for the glasses straps, dot the eyes, and the overalls
S.OPI The Way Tutu His Heart for the eyes
S.OPI red (i forgot the name...) for the mouth

close up =]

S.OPI random colors to form the chick, egg, and clouds

close up =]

finished hands, right then left =]

Happy Easter!!!!!