Wednesday, April 20, 2011

random nail expedition...

i think this may be a first of many...RNE (Random Nail Expedition)
today is my mama's bday, YAY MAMA!!!!
and so we had some family over and i bombarded the girls with nail polish changes...
so we did a pedi-art and a mani-art

it also provided me a chance to show how awesome my camera is...yay!!!

i borrowed katy perry's nail design for this one
yellow polish with cherries, and she also requested her name to be written =]

on each hand i blinged out one set of cherries with red rhinestones

we didnt really know what to we went with a coral pink base
i used the pink crackle glaze for the tips..
and some rubber nail art decals

close up on the decals, i think we can kinda see the differentiation...
i kinda just went on a
but it turned out great =]

i still need to think about what i want to do for easter...
it'll prolly be up on thursday =]

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