Saturday, April 16, 2011

super lazy weekend...

hey everybody =]
lastnite i finally finished my entry for the Disney Nail Art Contest
and i'll put up a tutorial for it when the contest itself is over =]
but i was thinking...well i have one hand disney-fied i need to make the other hand look like that as well so i did a lazy version of a disney look =]

PF Pink Gel Coat, SV TC, Sephora Let's Dance, Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air
(happy dance for deborah!!!!!  i finally got it in the mail!!!!!)

base coat first (always!!)

2 coats of let's dance
(the brush was super interesting so ill talk more about it on the bottom)

since let's dance looked a little periwinkle meets NARS Pokerface
i slapped glitter in the air rite on top of it =]

and drew in some mickey's with Zoya Pinta
i tried to do an outline of mickey's ears...i think i

put top coat on and all done =]

this week was super exciting cuz besides the deborah lippmann
i also got my OPI DS Original in the mail too!!!!!

the brush on the DS Original is a narrow flat head brush (i prolly should have zoomed in...)

the Sephora Let's Dance also had a flat head brush...not so narrow tho...
at first i didn't know how to feel about it...but after using was kinda fool proof...
all i needed for my pinky's was one clean swipe  >.<

this is how the two looks together  >.<
all i used was one coat, and when i went for a second coat of the holo...
i was dumbstruck...its SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
and thats not because i LOVE purple...but it just looks so mysterious...
this is a little sneak peek for the disney design i did....
the color just SCREAMS magical and disney  >.<

i also noticed the amount of followers i have...
and ill let you in on a little secret =]
i already started purchasing for the giveaway that i want to do when i hit 50 followers...
so i think im gonna do a contest giveaway to celebrate the 50 followers =]
keep an eye out for that =]

LingLing <3

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  1. So cute!!! You did a great job on it!

    can't wait for the giveaway :)