Friday, April 8, 2011

elegant and classy twist on an old favorite =]

hello everyone =]

i just suddenly decided again to take off the polish that i had on a paint a totally different design on it, i needed to do something i went with a french tip...with my twist to it =]

what i used was...

SV, PF BC, NARS Pokerface, Zoya Pinta

CG Midnight Kiss, NARS Adelita, S.OPI The Way Tutu His Heart,
S.OPI Miss Bossy Pants, dotting tool, nail art brush

BC always comes first =]

pokerface on top of that (for this i used 2 coats)

pinta after on tips only =]  and its ok if the tips are slightly crooked, cause...

you're going to draw a stripe with midnite kiss

i dotted some blossoms with the remaining colors on the ring finger,
so it'll stand out from the rest =]
paint TC on that and you are done =]

of course you can use silver instead of gold to give a different kind of elegance to the look
and different color flowers to accent the purples =]

happy nail-arting =]