Saturday, May 28, 2011


oh em gee!!!!

today i met Deborah Lippmann at the event at Nordstrom
i shook her hand and took a picture with her  >.<

Friday, May 27, 2011

Weekly Nail Blog Round Up 9

hey girls!!!!
ok, i'm gonna have the most epic post this saturday =]  which is tomorrow!!!!
i'm going to meet DEBORAH LIPPMANN at an event at Nordstrom  >.<
i did the most cutest mani and everything  >.<
i'm gonna try and get a photo with her  >.<
wish me luck!!!!
and i'll show everyone Sephora by OPI's new blasted  =]
with gold being exclusive to Sephora =]

so here's this weeks blog round up =]

Stacie was inspired by Prada S/S 2011
Lena is having a clear out – fancy grabbing a bargain?
The Nail Addict created this juicy water marble design
Sharon had fun with smashing her rainbow
Grace was inspired by Lagerfeld to create this design
Nic was absolutely besotted with Absolutely Alice
Jen let her sunny disposition show with her new Zoya
Theresa explains exactly what Shellac and Gelish semi-permanent polishes are
Ling Ling tried a cool tie-dye manicure
Avast me hearties! Claire tried out OPI pirates’ collection and the wicked silver shatter
Ari use pastels for a cute nail art manicure 

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

yay!!!!! i am 22 years old today!!!!!

hello everyone!!!!
i know its been a while since my last post  >.<
i lot of super hectic days....

on May 25th was my birthday =]
and i got a total of 3 bday songs today =]  yay!!!!

1 at 10AM in the morning after some Philosophy training on some new goods
(which btw theres something i REALLY need to share about it for nail care  >.<)
2 at CPK during lunch with my friends from work =]  i love you girls >.<
and finally....
3 at Shokudo with my BFFs which included....

....a couple of
soju one carafe infused with yuzu and another carafe that was infused with yogurt

and some of the gifties that i got from my friends
some folders for classes, 2 beading kits, and a panda =]

some gifts that i got for myself...
top and shorts from Forever 21 and
a Deborah Lippmann called Dream a Little Dream of me

i will totally post up the beading kit's finished product in about a week or so....

now its kinda
and im kinda

nite everyone!!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekly Nail Blog Round Up 8

woah...we have been running the round up for 8 weeks...thats like 2 months...
i remember like it was yesterday when i first asked Stacie if i could join the blog roll...
heres the blog round up and don't forget to submit you're entry for my franken nail art contest =]
the deadline is June 7th =]

Claire’s tutorial shows the simple way to do a half moon manicure
Nic celebrated finishing the school year with some swatches
Sharon showed us her adventures in drag marbling
Ladyluck took a break from her nails this week and created an eye look
Theresa's nails were a gellish fade with a 3D effect

And finally introducing Erin to the blog world
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

new haul and tie-die haulter top mani...

hello everyone...sorry for the multiple posts...
that was the morning lazy me...and now this is the rainy day me...
cuz its raining and shopping in the rain is no fun...

so on my outing with Ari, we bought a butt-load of nail polishes  >.<
and i got some of my shipments in too =]

a lot of polishes...
3 Deborah Lippmann, 2 China Glaze,
5 Nubar (3 of which are holo, score!!),
 3 Skin Food (Korean Skincare line, i wanted to try their base coat so i bought 2),
1 Orly, 2 CND Special FX, and a Koko Collection polish

rne again...

lol  >.<
idk if RNE is such a good name anymore...sounds kinda weird...

but anyways...i promise i'll get a tutorial out soon  >.< a little lazy and went polish happy with a new haul...which i will get around to showing  >.<

but anyways...yesterday morning on the way to the doctors i passed by a little salon that advertised spa pedi for $20 bucks...this was in, but i went in anyways =]

its a fade done with CG idk holo (i couldn't believe my eyes when i found it on the shelf)
the total came out to $30 tip included...but it was a good job  =]
japanese have electronics...
vietnamese have their nail!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

RNE again...

i'm so EXCITED that school is finally over...for this semester, and my summer has started =]
that means i can dedicate myself to my blog, job, friends, booze, and last but certainly not least preparing for my trip =]

YAY CHINA!!!!!!!!!

to celebrate i painted my nails =]
i was so excited i forgot to put up a tutorial...but its ok =]

i hope you ladies are having a great day =]
lingling over and out =]

Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekly Nail Blog Round Up 7

7th week =] and we're seriously getting more and more links!!!!
congrats to Ari also for starting up her own blog!!!
i also hope you guys are doing fantabulous on your contest entries for my first contest ever =]

The Nail Addict created a gorgeous water marble design
Jen celebrated pink Wednesday in style
Emily must be looking forward to carnival
Grace went wild
Theresa reversed the French in black and silver
Stacie painted her nails to match her dotty 50’s dress
Claire used Fimo clay flowers
Sharon is having a great giveaway
Lady Luck wore her hearts on her nails
AJ used her BM plates to create a cool herringbone pattern
Shella was inspired by a Japanese nail art design
LingLing is having a great competition
And finally introducing Ari she is new to blogging 
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

you mauve me - franken polish

heres the franken that i used for the contest example =]
it seriously is a great way to use your old polishes  >.<

in this one i used...
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Petite Pink (i bought this for my senior prom...) (half bottle)
NYX Girls Purple Noir (10 drops)
Eyeko Punk Polish (5 drops)
OPI DS Original (15 drops)
a scoop from a mixture of Make Up Forever Star Powder (954, 944, 942)...

it looked like a mauve to me...
so i named it "You Mauve Me"

Sunday, May 8, 2011

First Contest Ever!!!!!

yay!!!!!  celebatory drink!!!!  *gulp*
thank you for all of your support and what better way to thank you than to offer up prizes =]
okay so the way this contest is gonna work...

this is gonna be a "Franken Nail Art Contest"
which means that not only do you have to create or use a franken
(you don't have to create it but reference the person who did =])
but it has to be the base color of your nail art submission too
in the submission i would need...

1.  a swatch of your franken (name of the franken and the theme)
2.  an image of the nail art design that uses the franken and matches the theme of the franken...
(the design can utilize nail polish and acrylic paint for freehand designs ONLY, no stickers or gems or stamps, its a showcase of your artistic talents)
3.  the prize that you would like to get (pick 2 just in case and number the one that you would like most)
4.  your follower name and contact email
5.  a little description of your nail art design and inspiration
6.  ONE ENTRY per person please =]
7.  PLEASE do not post it on your blog until after my post at the end of the contest

the winners of course won't be up to me but up to the followers of this blog =]

please include the images and the description in the email with your contact info
and email all submissions to me at
the last day of this contest is June 7, 2011 Midnight Hawaii Standard Time

to illustrate, i actually have a sample submission done by me =]

i call it "You Mauve Me"
after Blaine's confession to Kurt in glee
i included a video from the episode of that confession =]

this is the nailart that i did with a glee theme >.<
music notes...and Gleek Out...and the more i think about it
the more i shoulda put canarys on there... 

and here are the prizes...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

2nd Award >.< yay!!!!!

you don't know how excited i am for this  >.<  2 rewards in like a week  >.<
thank you everyone so much and an expecially big thank you to Hayley  >.<
heres my second award  >.< 
my understanding is that this award recognizes bloggers that have under 300 followers
i wouldn't have gotten this reward if it wasn't for the support of you guys anyways...
this goes to you followers...THANK YOU!!!!!  <3

and the 3 people that i nominate for this award are...

thank you so so much!!!!

Alice in Wonderland Nail Art

hey hey =]
heres the nail art that i did for the Disney Nail Art Contest for Orlica...
which btw there is still time to cast your vote if you haven't already =]

so heres my design...

Friday, May 6, 2011

Weekly Nail Blog Round Up 6

i promise to get the contest post up soon...just rite after my final exams =]
so...heres week 6 girlies!!!!!

LingLing made her first franken
Ladyluck shared some new polishes
Sharon was inspired to try a new rainbow look
Claire showed us her TOWIE inspired manicure
The Nail Addict showed that spring has sprung
Happy Birthday to Jen!
Emily had a creative idea for her rainbow manicure
Nicole used funky donkey for some funky nails
Theresa reviewed some nails fit for a princess 

Grace has more wedding fever with bridal inspired nails
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

OMG!!!! My First Award!!!!!!

i'd like to thank the academy...and most importantly Lacquer Lover for nominating me for this awesome award...i really never thought that i would be receiving any award since i've only started blogging recently...
thank you everyone for all your support, it really means a lot to me =]
i <3 you~~

THE RULES1. Thank and link back to the person who sent you the award.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Spread the love. Award recently discovered bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

seven things about me...
1.  i work at Sephora, but i guarantee that it does not affect the content of this blog =]
2.  i LOVE to eat...everything...i literally have a huge food baby for that reason...
3.  i love to travel, i've been to Vietnam 7 times and China 3 times...which btw, i'll be hiatus for a month during my trip to China this July due to the fact that i may not have internet...
4.  i LOVE purple...and pandas...especially the purple ones...
5.  i currently only have 60 bottles of nail polish...but the collection is growing...
6.  i can speak fluent Cantonese =]
7.  i am a HUGE vampire/witch/spy fanatic...House of Night, Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Dead Is, and so much collection is vast and filled with teen drama angst  >.<

and...the 3 people that i want to nominate for this reward are...

thank you so much for this award  >.<

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Disney Nail Art Contest Entry - Put in your votes =]

hey girls
i am SO SO SOOOOO excited!!!!!
i reached 50 FOLLOWERS!!!!! *pops fire crackers*
but i still need a little bit of time before i can put up my contest post....
its the last week of school before finals and its getting a little bit overwhelming,
but all the prizes are in and it'll be a nail art design contest...

so a little hint to the contest...

since i recently got into frankening...i want to see a franken that you made or a friend made for you
it just has to be a franken...this contest will be all about frankens, so you can start thinking about what you want to do for the franken now, the official contest rules will go out soon, i promise...

and please please PLEASE don't post this franken up before the end of this contest...

i will try to get these rules up as soon as i can  >.<

on another note, remember how i said that i'd be doing a contest entry for a Disney Nail Art Contest

the contest is now over and Confessions of a Polishaholic has posted up the entries for a VOTE
your eyes will roll on the floor when you see them  >.<
they are so beautiful...i felt mines could no longer compete, but I'm so glad that i tried my best  >.<
i'll put up the tutorial for my design soon

so you can vote for the one that you like =]
theres a form at the end of her post that allows you to do so  >.<
please vote and support these artists...they worked so hard and they did so well  >.<