Wednesday, May 18, 2011

rne again...

lol  >.<
idk if RNE is such a good name anymore...sounds kinda weird...

but anyways...i promise i'll get a tutorial out soon  >.< a little lazy and went polish happy with a new haul...which i will get around to showing  >.<

but anyways...yesterday morning on the way to the doctors i passed by a little salon that advertised spa pedi for $20 bucks...this was in, but i went in anyways =]

its a fade done with CG idk holo (i couldn't believe my eyes when i found it on the shelf)
the total came out to $30 tip included...but it was a good job  =]
japanese have electronics...
vietnamese have their nail!!!

so after the doctors appointment
i met up with my BFF for a long awaited date =]
she's a fellow blogger (noob) Ari of Sweet Delights 
we seriously LOVE purikuras!!!
(japanese sticky pics)
and we always look hungry  >.<

this is the more decent pic =]
(sorry for the glare...the scanner was too far away...i is lazy...)
she gave me a bow and i gave her a ring =]
(diamond cuz she's the awesomest!!!)

i will hopefully get some nail designs up soon  >.<

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  1. Totally had a great time together and love your toe nail design!