Wednesday, May 11, 2011

you mauve me - franken polish

heres the franken that i used for the contest example =]
it seriously is a great way to use your old polishes  >.<

in this one i used...
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Petite Pink (i bought this for my senior prom...) (half bottle)
NYX Girls Purple Noir (10 drops)
Eyeko Punk Polish (5 drops)
OPI DS Original (15 drops)
a scoop from a mixture of Make Up Forever Star Powder (954, 944, 942)...

it looked like a mauve to me...
so i named it "You Mauve Me"

then i proceeded with these do the mani 

i really shouldn't have put those slushie splatters 

this is the mani that i have now.....
i decided to go with polka dots =]

this happens to me a lot but i was wondering if i was the only one...
does your hand end up like an art project after you finish your mani?

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