Thursday, May 26, 2011

yay!!!!! i am 22 years old today!!!!!

hello everyone!!!!
i know its been a while since my last post  >.<
i lot of super hectic days....

on May 25th was my birthday =]
and i got a total of 3 bday songs today =]  yay!!!!

1 at 10AM in the morning after some Philosophy training on some new goods
(which btw theres something i REALLY need to share about it for nail care  >.<)
2 at CPK during lunch with my friends from work =]  i love you girls >.<
and finally....
3 at Shokudo with my BFFs which included....

....a couple of
soju one carafe infused with yuzu and another carafe that was infused with yogurt

and some of the gifties that i got from my friends
some folders for classes, 2 beading kits, and a panda =]

some gifts that i got for myself...
top and shorts from Forever 21 and
a Deborah Lippmann called Dream a Little Dream of me

i will totally post up the beading kit's finished product in about a week or so....

now its kinda
and im kinda

nite everyone!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday! And it was a great night out :D

  2. happy belated birthday Lingling

    shel xx

  3. Happy Birthday! You're exactly one month older than me lol.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAY~XD I hope your 22nd year will be wonderful and successful year;D Congratulations!!

  5. happy birthdayy!! wish u all the besttt