Sunday, May 8, 2011

First Contest Ever!!!!!

yay!!!!!  celebatory drink!!!!  *gulp*
thank you for all of your support and what better way to thank you than to offer up prizes =]
okay so the way this contest is gonna work...

this is gonna be a "Franken Nail Art Contest"
which means that not only do you have to create or use a franken
(you don't have to create it but reference the person who did =])
but it has to be the base color of your nail art submission too
in the submission i would need...

1.  a swatch of your franken (name of the franken and the theme)
2.  an image of the nail art design that uses the franken and matches the theme of the franken...
(the design can utilize nail polish and acrylic paint for freehand designs ONLY, no stickers or gems or stamps, its a showcase of your artistic talents)
3.  the prize that you would like to get (pick 2 just in case and number the one that you would like most)
4.  your follower name and contact email
5.  a little description of your nail art design and inspiration
6.  ONE ENTRY per person please =]
7.  PLEASE do not post it on your blog until after my post at the end of the contest

the winners of course won't be up to me but up to the followers of this blog =]

please include the images and the description in the email with your contact info
and email all submissions to me at
the last day of this contest is June 7, 2011 Midnight Hawaii Standard Time

to illustrate, i actually have a sample submission done by me =]

i call it "You Mauve Me"
after Blaine's confession to Kurt in glee
i included a video from the episode of that confession =]

this is the nailart that i did with a glee theme >.<
music notes...and Gleek Out...and the more i think about it
the more i shoulda put canarys on there... 

and here are the prizes...

Prize 1...
a Benefit Travel Bag, 4 nail art brushes and 2 dotting tools,
NYC Purple Pizzazz Frost, Wet n' Wild Night Prowl,
Eyeko Chichi Polish and Coral Polish,
round rhinestones and nail art butterflies

Prize 2...
4 nail art brushes and 2 dotting tools,
oval rhinestones and nail art butterflies,
NYC Love Me Red Creme, Wet n' Wild Eggplant Frost,
Eyeko Saucy Polish, Eyeko Line and Shine Eyeliner

Prize 3...
bigRuby nail tattoos in cosmic, Eyeko lipgloss in SOHO,
nail art sequins and half pearls...idk what they're called...

ps...ill post a tutorial for my franken and the nail art design too in another post