Saturday, May 28, 2011


oh em gee!!!!

today i met Deborah Lippmann at the event at Nordstrom
i shook her hand and took a picture with her  >.<

it was so awesome  >.<
she's so fun to talk to and she's just so helpful!!!
everyone who approached her with a question had fun
and i really learned something new every time
especially the one client whose hubby wasn't too fond of polish,
Deborah did an extra special mani for her,
and i got to see live swatches of all the polishes, it was so enjoyable  >.<
one thing did surprise me tho...never have i seen so many women at once...
it was like the female russian mob...they were out for blood...
everyone wanted the sets  >.<  i dont even think there was a sale...
there was a gift with purchase tho...


i learned so much technique =]
it was an educational experience...

the mani that i sported today and i got a compliment on it too =]
Deborah said it was adorable...teehee =]

i did a cutesy polka dot mani using...
NARS (white), Nubar holos (purple, blue, pink),
CND effects (amethyst), Zoya Raven,
Color Club (silver holo), and last but certainly not least
DEBORAH LIPPMANN Dream a Little Dream of Me 

i put it over the white so that its a light pink,
very very soft and so cute >.<
i absolutely fell in love with it when i saw the color  >.<

and you must be thinking...
she couldn't possibly have come home empty handed from Nordstrom...
yea...i bought

the gift with purchase was Makin Whoopee
i bought Flat Top which is a matte top coat
(which is all you need instead of buying matte colors)
and Diamonds and Pearls
(it does the same kinda effect as Dream a Little Dream of Me)

and to conclude my awesome day...
my sister and her boyfriend took me and my brother out to dinner =]

thank you for reading!!!!
and i hope you girls are doing alrite on your contest entry for my franken contest =]


  1. lucky! and love the mani, it's so adorable!

  2. your mani is so cute :D great job hehe

  3. So jealous! I'm sure Deborah Lippmann would never set foot in Louisiana for an event! We have nothing fun to offer! Wow, what a cool experience, thanks for sharing!

  4. huoo! how lucky u are!
    so jealous of youu

  5. Very Jealous hun! the mani is super cute too xx