Saturday, April 30, 2011

first franken polish =]

ok, so i got a text about a link posted on my fb by my nail fanatic bff

so i go take a look, and i fell in LOVE!!!!

i now know what the heck to do with those colors that i'm sick of...

so for the longest time i needed a green polish...
so now i have a green polish =]

i took off the polish on my pinky to do the
the color came out to a jade green with a yellow shimmer...
so i dub thee, lame i kno  >.<

i used S.OPI Cab Fare, Zoya Ibiza, S.OPI Slushied and Sue vs Shue
i had a half bottle of cab fare in one of those baby bottles
so i added 5 drops of ibiza with 5 drops of sue vs shue
and 5 drops of slushied...

and then Jaded was born =]

this is going to be the first of many Franken Polishes
thank you Dr. FrankenPolish for the inspiration =]


  1. thats a pretty green!!! i love that green with yellow shimmer!

  2. @Silence is Loud thx =] i wanted to go for more of an evergreen but my asian side got the better of me >.<

  3. Ahh I love frankening. I need to find ballbearings or BBs that won't rust in my polish though to mix them.

  4. That is an amazing color!!!

  5. hi
    i just found your blog and it's awesome. i'm new follower :]
    visit mine, too, if you have the chance

  6. DrFrankenpolish mad amazing colors! Yours came out great for your first try :)