Sunday, April 3, 2011

lol...what i did tonite on my day off...

ok, remember when you first read my blog and i told you that wuliao means random in mandarin...
well here comes the random-ness...
note that i started this project in december 2010 and just finally decided to finish it now =]

see this cute little started off as a pile of HORRIBLE beads that refused to assemble itself
so i was forced to do the job for it...ugh...
but its awesome to see how it turned out...and now to rest for another...month or so =]

a new nail tutorial coming soon, some of my co-workers actually gave in to my beggin and pleading to let me borrow their hands for my nail tutorials =]


  1. I wouldn't have no patience for that lol
    cute little rabbit though!

  2. @FOREVER'92 thx =] i started this project during chrismtas and only got the head finished...i finally decided to finish it off so i can give it to my co-worker as a gift cuz she decided to take the promotion and