Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chicks, Bunnies and everything spring =]

From the other tutorial post i said that there was going to be a spring themed post...
well here is it =]

it was thanks to my bff for lending me her hands cuz i just recently painting by

bunnies and chickies and flowers just SCREAM spring, wouldn't you agree...?

For this tutorial i used...

Pink Gel Coat, Seche Vite TC, Zoya Miley, Zoya Raven, NARS Poker Face

S.OPI IM Beauty, S.OPI Hell to the No, Sephora L09 Bubble Bath, S.OPI The Way Tutu His Heart,
S.OPI Gleek Out, S.OPI Slushied, S.OPI Express Yourself to Yourself

always first...Base Coat

then randomly place S.OPI (IM Beauty & The Way Tutu His Heart) and Zoya Miley
depending on the polish, I used 3 coats for the yellow and pink/white and 4 coats for Miley

Yellow = Chickies
so using a dotting tool and Express Yourself to Yourself,
i drew a small line where the mouth would be...

using that same small dotting tool i used Raven and dotted the eyes

i messed up on the thumb a little and turned it into a squeal...still so adorable =]

pink/white = bunnies
using the dotting tool and Raven, i dotted the eyes and did a little triangle nose
using a thin brush tip or toothpick, i drew little whiskers...
but then i didnt want it to be confused with a kitty...

so i drew in a carrot too using the green of Gleek Out

finished bff said that the bunny looks rich with his

lavender = flower bed
so using the bigger end of the dotting tool i played with the remaining pinks and blues and purple polishes
5 dots for the petals and a different color dot in the middle for the center =]

put on the top coat and you're done =]

hope you gals (and guys) enjoyed this tutorial =]

for those who follow Miss80Million know that she just started her nail art contest =]
the last day is April 16th =]

this is my bff's entry and she said it was okay for me to put it up on my blog =]

happy creating, and i'll be posting up a video of my own entry soon =]
once i figure out exactly how i'm doing it =]


  1. The picture doesn't show it but the colors for the carrot is glittery ;)

    Love this design!

  2. Oh I love the bunny.. reminds me of my baby bunny Bluebell :D Also love your Hello Kitty XD
    Can you email me your email please I need it for the nail blog round up.
    stacie @kawaiinailart

  3. this is so stinkin cute! I die from the cuteness! GREAT IDEA!

  4. this is way adorable!! I'm pretty sure I actually squealed:)

  5. its funny that you say that...because while i was doing her nails, after drawing the face on, we both gasped and squealed!!!

  6. These are so cute...I'm gonna try 'em for my easter hols!

  7. THESE. ARE. SO . CUTEEEEEE!!! I love them- I can see so many possibilities for all differant animals based on these designs! xxx