Sunday, March 27, 2011

Swatches and Reviews....

there are a lot of different products used in the Purple Punk Plaid Tutorial

this is the first time i'm gonna say kinda excited...
all the products reviewed are my own and i am not endorsed by any of these companies...

two of my all time favorites from this particular tutorial are...
Perfect Formula's Pink Gel Coat and Sephora by OPI Hell to the No (Glee Collection)

its a base coat thats has a sheer pink tint to it and really does what the package says...
i really love nail polish so i paint my nails A LOT, and i'm sure all of you do as well
my nails were chipped and dry so that's what motivated me to get this
and i've never stopped using it since

alright...purple teehee  =]
i really like purple, and this purple has tiny gold flecks in it
the formulation goes on smooth (this is an image after 2 coats)
a lot of people are just wondering what the hype is with the Glee Collection
besides Glee lovers (which i became after laying eyes on the ever so hot Blaine Warbler)
these shades actually speak to a lot of different personalities and nail-istahs like yourselves
this particular color represents Mercedes, like the diva that she is a royal purple with a hint of gold...

hope you guys enjoyed this, stay tuned for more >-<

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