Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Idea Contest

ok, so my franken contest ends today, i'll be posting the photos tomorrow for everyone to see =]
but i'm crunch for a new design to wow my collegues....

ok so heres the situation...
i'll be going to San Fran (the second place on the mainland i will be visiting in my life) for Sephora related duties...and i am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

BUT i need a mani that will represent San Fran and Hawaii and somewhat Sephora...
or just an awesome design in general  =]
so i'm asking you girls for a little assistance on ideas =]

this contest will run as follows...

1.  the design suggest in as great detail as possible =]
2.  whether you have an oily complexion (combo-oily) or dry complexion (dry-normal)...
3.  your follower name and contact email
4.  ONE ENTRY per person please =]

please include the description in the email with your contact info
and email all submissions to me at pandas_r_purple@hotmail.com
the last day of this contest is June 14, 2011 Midnight Hawaii Standard Time

essentially i will be picking the best 2 (one from the oily complexion and one for dry complexion)
because the prizes are...

for Dry Complexion...
this is from the Dr. Perricone line for anti-aging
but anyone who's looking for an extra nourishment can use this product too
i also paired it off with a little bar soap from Caudalie

for Oily Complexion...
this is also from the Dr. Perricone line but from the Super Collection
a basic hydrating moisterizer for oily skin that doesn't leave you feeling like an oil slick
which i also paired off with a little bar soap from Caudalie

these products are deluxe sizes that the reps give to us when there are new products to try...
they are unused but not in boxes because they aren't the size of the products we sell in store...
but they are great trial and travel sizes if you were curious about the products

and going forward, please feel free to let me know if you have any questions regarding the skincare products that we sell in Sephora, and I will answer you to the best of my abilities =]

ok, so lets get this contest started =]