Wednesday, June 15, 2011

idea contest winners!!!!

ok everybody =]

yesterday was the final day to submit for the idea contest for my blog =]
and a big thank you to the entries submitted by GingerG, Ari, Con, and LacquerLover

and the winners are...
GingerG and Ari!!!!

here are they're entries...

So, my first thought of something that encompasses both San Fran and Hawaii has to do with color: both are very colorful, but tastefully so. It makes me think of one of those manicures where each nail is a different color - I'd go with saturated spring colors, and a little accent on each ring finger. For me, I'd use a lagoon blue, medium pink, sunny yellow, juicy orange and a bright grass green.

I'd probably use the yellow on my ring fingers, to make the art really pop. One the ring fingers, I'm imagining a butterfly or two, maybe with a little sparkle.

I have no idea what would represent Sephora, but color and happiness are things that come to mind both for San Fran and Hawaii, to me.
Ari... has this really cute hawaii mani with a hibiscus flower, skip the strips

then on the other fingers, make a surf board with the sephora logo on it 

even though I spent a month in san fran, I don't have a good idea to represent it but try the golden gate and have surfers on the water... might be a little difficult with the detailing

I think you stick to it being about Hawaii, have to stand out you know. 
I like both of the ideas in these two entries =]
and i also love LacquerLover's entry as well...but it pertained more to a city other than San
ill post up my mani as soon as i complete it =]
thank you everyone!!!


  1. Aw, you like my idea :D thank you and can't wait to see the design!

  2. WOOO!! I can't wait to see your mani!