Thursday, September 22, 2011

Comfort Food in Hawaii =] Let Them Eat Cupcakes

hey everyone,

i know i haven't been as active lately...but i will blog about nails starting next week...
but in the meantime...i wanted to talk to everyone about comfort food...
specifically speaking sweets =]

today i finally had the opportunity to visit this little cupcakery called...

Let Them Eat Cupcakes
it was their logo that captivated me =]
and heres a little about them from their site Let Them Eat Cupcakes 
The Owners:  Kawehi Haug and Nick Gervais. One was The Honolulu Advertiser's entertainment reporter, the other its TGIF designer. When the paper company sold, the fed their new passion, cupcakes =] it is seriously a must go place and...i went...well...i ran over after seeing on the bus that they were still open...but i was very elegant during the whole process =]

so first things first...the logo, how awesome is that!!!
its like Marie Antoinette "Let them eat cake"
but i mean thats all old school now, its all about the cupcakes =]

i got nutella and pumpkin, which were the only flavors left...
but who gives, nutella and pumpkin are bomb regardless =]
and i have to say...when i took a was an orgasmic experience...

the icing was light and creamy and buttery...
the cake, so moist...
and the combination of the two was just OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!
i nearly ate the whole box of four that i bought  >.<

Their flavors and menu is on their site =]
follow them on Twitter and Facebook

this is gonna be a new section on my blog...
comfort fooding =]

thanks for reading =]


  1. Hi! This is Cheryl from LTEC :) Thanks for stopping by today! Glad you enjoyed your cupcakes! Anyway, just checking out your blog. Thanks for all the info about your hair and stuff, I've been meaning to get my hair done like yours but never saw a good example in person. I will definitely go check it out. Anyway, hope you get a chance to check out our other flavors soon! :) Thanks again!